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Speed 3D Inc. Launches World's First Smart 3D Billboard AR Interactive Machine - 3D Picbot

Updated: Jan 12

Continuing to innovate in smart display technology, under the guidance of the Industrial Development Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the assistance of the Institute for Information Industry, Speed 3D Inc. held a product launch event on December 14 in collaboration with Taiwan's renowned Leofoo Village Theme Park. The event showcased the cross-domain innovation in smart display technology: the 3D Picbot.

The newly unveiled "3D Picbot" is a globally unique innovation. Speed 3D Inc., in alliance with AU Optronics Corporation's subsidiary Space4M, has pioneered the transformation of giant LED billboards, traditionally fixed on building facades for one-way image display, into a modular commercial machine product that is "movable, interactive, and combinable." Enhanced with patented AI algorithms for value-added 3D digital content and AR interactive experiences, it overcomes the high costs and installation challenges of large-scale naked-eye 3D displays. This world's first "near-field 3D interactive" device will be introduced in Taiwan's most popular Leofoo Village Theme Park, featuring digital content designed around the park's four major themed villages, such as the Leofoo Village mascot or African tribal animal themes, offering visitors an immersive experience with eye-catching visual presentations, igniting innovative discussions in technology marketing. Another "Picbot-AR Interactive Photo Robot" currently in the park has also received an enthusiastic response, fully demonstrating the innovative results of smart display technology in entertainment. Visitors to Leofoo Village Theme Park are welcome to experience this technology and enjoy the fun it brings.

Speed 3D Inc.'s CEO, Marvin Chiu, expressed pride in showcasing the results of this collaboration with Taiwan's leading panel manufacturer AU Optronics Corporation and Leofoo Village Theme Park, a childhood dream destination of Chairman Chiou. Post-pandemic economic recovery has led to a surge in demand for brand events and entertainment venues. The latest outdoor naked-eye 3D advertising billboards, with their high visibility, have become a new trend in creative brand promotion. "3D Picbot," with its movable design and Speed 3D Inc.'s patented AI compilation cloud platform algorithm, can adjust various animation content to fit different screen sizes and optimal viewing angles, overcoming the challenges of high costs and difficult installation of giant naked-eye 3D outdoor advertising. The "interactivity" of "3D Picbot" is another major highlight, where viewers can interact with the naked-eye 3D content through AI recognition and even become part of the content, achieving user content co-creation (UCG) and creating more entertainment and topicality.

AU Optronics' Smart Retail Business Group General Manager, Yang Ben-Yu, stated that AU Optronics and Space4M are honored to collaborate with Leofoo Village and Speed 3D Inc. through the facilitation of the Industrial Development Bureau. This innovative solution will aid industries like amusement parks and retail in easily applying advanced display hardware and naked-eye 3D visual technology, bringing profound impacts to the industry and offering new sensory experiences to consumers. The hope is that this cross-domain innovative collaboration will expand throughout Taiwan and internationally, creating new business opportunities and driving industry development.

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