Speed 3D Inc. is a foremost pioneer in the Augmented Reality (AR) application field, focusing on facial analysis and detection and instant scan to complete 3D avatar technology.


Our two main apps "Insta 3D" and "Insta 3D GifMoji" turn users into 3D animation avatars with one single selfie and instant messaging and social networking more engaging and fun. Right after the launch, they shot to fame among best-selling apps inside and outside the U.S. and in most countries around the world.


In 2017, we devoted ourselves to the AR field and launched Insta 3D AR, in order to make commercial marketing content more effective through customer interaction combined with brand marketing and various novel sensory effects. Thanks to our 3D object database and outstanding techniques, Speed 3D Inc. was approved by Facebook and became the first technical collaborator on the Taiwan Facebook AR studio platform in the Asia Pacific region. Through facial detection and mobile sensing technology, the Facebook camera combines with 3D components to make AR effects more realistic, enriching greater interactive effects and creating infinite possibilities for interactive marketing. With our state-of-the art techniques and sophisticated art design, Speed 3D Inc. has become the most competitive Facebook camera partner around the world.


Speed 3D Inc. is honored to be invited to present at the annual Facebook F8 conference in 2018, where we will be demonstrating the technical capabilities as well as how we have progressed in the international market.