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Speed 3D Inc. aims to provide the most easy-to-access 3D experience and digital creation tool for everyone! With our apps, everyone can create 3D animations and 3D printable models without any 3D modeling skills.



Cartoon, Animate, and Turn Yourself in 3D

Insta3D is a FREE mobile app, available on iOS and Android, that can easily turn any portrait photo into an animated and customizable 3D avatar.

Insta3D Maker

Turn yourself into a customizable 3D printed figurine with just one selfie on this web service. Partnered with Shapeways and i.materialse, we can now ship the figurines to the US and Europe. It will be available in 100+ counties in a few months.



  • Software Development Kit (SDK)

  • Generate Files for printing 2D&3D


  • Co-founder & CEO
    Marvin Chiu
  • Co-founder & COO
    Will Liao
  • Co-founder & CTO
    James Sa
  • Co-founder & Creative Director
    Ray Chung
  • Marketing Manager
    Wanting Chu
  • Sr. 3D Designer
    Irin Sho
  • Sr. Designer
    Yuki Cheng
  • 3D Designer
    Eden Chung
  • Trained Monkey
    Dboy Liao
  • iOS Magician
    Daniel Lee
  • Unity Programmer
    Peter Wu
  • Production Manager
    Anne Su
  • Marketing Consultant
    Betty Fang
  • UX Adviser
    Bang Chen
  • Sr. Consultant
    Steven Shen
  • Sr. Consultant
    Yuren Ju
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Speed 3D Inc.'s vision is to develop innovative applications for 3D technology. Feel free to reach out to us for any customer or business inquires.